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Deployables Cubed will help you to think outside the (CubeSat) Box with their actuators and deployables that are specifically designed for new space applications by keeping in mind that size and affordability are key.

In space, the trend goes towards small and standardized satellites, so called CubeSats, allowing economic access to space. These satellites have an edge length of 10cm for a single 1U limiting greatly the missions that the satellite can fulfill. A way around this limitation is the use of deployable structures like appendices, antennas or sails which are unfolded once in orbit allowing new high-performance applications that are currently only possible with larger satellites. To tackle this problem, the Munich based new space company Deployables Cubed develops miniature actuators and CubeSat deployables with the goal to achieve Europe’s non-dependence on these miniature actuators and the cube satellite deployables they enable.

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