Deployables Cubed Actuators

It is Deployables Cubed’s goal to develop actuators specifically targeting the needs of the nano satellite community. The preliminary specification of our current products, pin puller and release nut, are as follows:

  •  Designed based ECSS Standard
  • >100 actuation cycles
  • Allowable Temperature Range: -65°C to +80°C
  • Qualified product by end of 2019

Image: Deployables Cubed pin puller prototype in front of CubeSat structure

Pin Puller:

  • Size: 16x16x15mm
  • Stroke: 6,5 mm
  • Pull Force: > 30N
  • Static Force: >100N

Release Nut:

  • Size: 16x16x14mm
  • Nut: M3/M4/M5

Deployables Cubed Deployable Structures

Images: PICARD deployable structures deployed in space (Source: University of Strathclyde & University of Birmingham)

The Deployables Cubed actuators enables next to affordable release solution (e.g. CubeSat deployers) the design of affordable CubeSat deployable structures like

  • booms (e.g. for instruments with distance requirement to satellite (e.g. radar) or deployment units),
  • antennas (e.g. for Earth Observation or Communication),
  • and others.

Images: StrathSat-R deployable decelerator deployed in space (Source: University of Strathclyde)

Deployables Cubed GmbH is using their extensive heritage on inflatable structures to design, build and test novel kinds of planetary decelerator and aerobraking inflatable devices.

For these devices, the Deployables Cubed portfolio expands from nano- to also bigger spacecrafts and planetary landers.